Philosophy, Vision, Mission, and Goals

Philosophy of The Graduate School

Having graduate students with academic excellence, free from ignorance, and can work collaboratively and amiably with any faculties/departments.


Vision of The Graduate School

To manage the graduate programs in adherence to good governance, focused on achieving international standards of academic excellence.


Missions of The Graduate School

  1. To enhance the quality of the graduate programs upholding the graduate education management standards.
  2. To promote academic and research collaborations with both domestic and international institutions.
  3. To further develop the management system of the Graduate School to support and promote the administration of Naresuan University’s graduate study programs.


Goals of The Graduate School

  1. Graduate students become globally competitive, equipped with internationally acceptable language skills, research skills, and knowledge in their chosen field to be able to create change and innovation that may provide essential benefits for the community, the country, and the world.
  2. Graduate studies management system utilizing a proactive approach and making use of the latest technology in providing efficient and effective management of academic services.
  3. Graduate School’s operation is a harmonious integration and a dynamic collaboration of every section/department/faculty of the university.