Naresuan University Graduate School in coordination with 6 faculties and 1 college of Naresuan University is offering special graduate programs through its cumulative learning credits project for the academic year 2019. The project offers certificate programs for seminar courses. It is designed for all who wants to take masters and doctoral degree credited courses but not ready to commit as a fulltime student. The credits acquired from the seminar courses can be readily transferred when the students decide to take the regular masters or doctoral degree programs.

            Prof. Dr. Paisarn Muneesawang, Dean of Naresuan University Graduate School said that the cumulative learning credits project – developed along with the Faculty of Education, Faculty of Public Health, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources and Environment, Faculty of Pharmacy, and the College of Fundamental Research, is set to start in the 1st semester of the academic year 2019.  There will be 17 graduate degree programs with a total of 51 different seminar courses to choose from. Individuals taking this path may take the courses during their most convenient time and acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in which they can readily apply in their workplace. After every seminar course attended, the participant will receive certificate confirming their attendance and participation. Once a student decides to study full-time, they don’t need to repeat the courses as the certificate they receive can be counted as credit units that can be readily transferred to their master’s or doctoral degree program, which in turn, can make the progress of their graduate study faster.  

            Interested individuals must have the following qualifications which are in accordance with Naresuan University graduate program guidelines.

  1. 1. High school graduate or equivalent qualification
  2. 2. Bachelor’s degree holder or currently taking a bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  3. 3. Postgraduate degree holder or currently studying a graduate program or equivalent

For the 1st semester of AY 2019 – A total of 17 graduate degree programs with 51 courses are as follows:

Graduate Schools: Master of Science in entrepreneurial technology and innovation management – 3 courses

Faculty of Education: Master of Education in Educational Administration – 3 courses Ph.D. in Educational Administration – 2 courses

Faculty of Public Health: Master of Science in Public Health – 4 courses Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health – 2 courses

Faculty of Science: Master of Science in Chemical Industry – 1 course in Chemistry, 1 course in Physics, and 2 courses in applied physics

Faculty of Architecture: Master of Arts in Universal Art and Design – 2 courses

Faculty of Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Environment: Master of Science in Agricultural Biotechnology – 1 course, Master of Science in Environmental Sciences – 1 course, Master of Science in Agricultural Sciences – 13 courses, Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Sciences – 7 courses       

Faculty of Pharmacy: Master of Science in Cosmetics – 2 courses

College of Fundamental Research: Master of Science in Theoretical Physics – 2 courses, Higher Graduate Diploma in Quantum Fields, Gravitation, and Cosmology – 3 Courses


Interested individuals may visit for more information or inquire at the Academic Department, Graduate School,

Naresuan University, Tel. 0 5596 8828 8832

Registration starts on 9 April until 10 June 2019