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Integrated thesis & research management system

The Graduate School Naresuan University


Graduate Programs

Naresuan University Graduate School is responsible in the management, supervision, and administration of the graduate level courses of Naresuan University...

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Research Scholarships for Graduate Students

Internal and external scholarships, education and research scholarship news, and national and international academic conferences

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Comprehensive & Qualifying Examinations

Comprehensive and qualifying examinations Graduate students are required to pass the comprehensive and qualifying examinations, as stated in the University’s...

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 Naresuan University Journal: Science and Technology (NUJST) First launched in 1992 by Naresuan University, the Naresuan University Journal: Science and Technology...

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NU Publishing House

The vision of the University is to be the top 10 Universities of Thailand within 2017. The University focuses on...

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English Proficiency Enhancement for Graduate (EPE)

Naresuan University is focussed on internationalizing the University and developing the University as a research-oriented university. My role in this adventure into the future is to help our PhD and Masters students, and others in the university community, to improve their English, to publish more internationally acceptable research papers by providing an editing service for papers submitted to the University journals, to help train students in research publishing in international journals, in English.

Roy I. Morien specialist @ Naresuan University Graduate school