Doctoral Degree

  • Gs.11 Appointment of Advisory Committee
  • Gs.11(1) Change Appointment of Advisory Committee (For NU.ID> 54)
  • Gs.11(1-2) Appointment of doctoral degree thesis proposal committee
  • Gs.11(4) Request form for changing thesis title (For NU.ID >54)
  • Gs.12 Request the letter for expert to review research instruments
  • Gs.13 Request the letter for collecting data (For NU.ID. >54))
  • Gs.14 Confirmation form of thesis involving/not involving with research ethical issue
  • Gs.20  Request for certified publication of the Graduate thesis
  • Gs.20(1) Form for certified publication of the Graduate thesis
  • Gs.21 Approval of Thesis / Dissertation Committee
  • Gs.21(1) Request for changing thesis examination date/committee (For NU.ID.>54)
  • Gs.24 Report of the Thesis/Dissertation Examination
  • Gs.25 This Format checking report form
  • Gs.26 Submission and Approval of the Completed Dissertation
  • Gs.28 Approval of Program Completion and Convocation of the Doctoral Student



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